Benefits of Training with a Partner!

 In Commercial Flight Training

What do you think is the most common delay in beginning a type rating course?

It’s pairing you with another pilot who wants to take the same course at the same time. If FTI doesn’t have another pilot wanting the same type rating training that you are looking for, then you are put in a holding pattern until a training partner for you comes along. That can cause major delays in starting your training. If you don’t want to wait, you can always opt for the solo course. This option gives you fantastic scheduling flexibility, but, as you can probably guess, comes at a higher cost.

While we usually can pair you with another pilot, there’s a good chance that the person most likely to know another pilot with the same training goals, needs, and timeframe is you! From co-workers to squadron-mates to classmates, you know a lot of people who are at a similar crossroad in their flying career. There is a good chance you already know someone who wants the same training you desire. Bring a partner and book your training today. Start building that all-important seniority at your next carrier. Airlines need pilots NOW – don’t lose out because you didn’t ask around!

If you can make this happen, signing up for training as a paired crew has several benefits. First, there is a lot more flexibility when scheduling paired crews. Next, wouldn’t it be great to train with someone whose personality and skill level you know? And finally, FTI will discount the price of your training, saving you even more money!

Coming to us as a pair will enable you to enjoy the best possible experience with FTI’s unparalleled type rating training! So do your legwork here; you won’t regret it! We look forward to working with you both!

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