The Light at The End of The Tunnel is Coming

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The last 12 months have rocked airlines and the world of aviation and at this point the word “uncertain” is the last thing anyone in the wants to hear. Thankfully however, it finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The number of passengers traveling through TSA’s stalls have grown to just above 50% what they were pre-COVID, and with the vaccine becoming more available the number of new travelers has steadily increased. Over the last month TSA Traveler Throughput has been increasing by about 10% week over week. With the increase of passenger traffic some airlines have announced the restart of their hiring process!

The Light

While some airlines are worried about the loss of federal aid, others are planning for the rebound. Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have both announced a small amount of pilot positions open for hire, but the biggest recent announcement comes from Delta Airlines. On Friday Delta announced that they will be recalling all furloughed pilots, and more than that they will be aiming to hire 1900 NEW PILOTS before Summer 2022. They also have further planned to purchase 150 B737MAX and B787 Aircraft.

What does that mean for new pilots?

Aviation is cyclical, and once every ten years or so an industry disruption happens. We’ve seen in the past is that the end of a disruption is the best time to apply and start flying. Doing this will place you on the seniority list allowing you to start climbing. That way, next time a disruption happens, you will hopefully be high enough on the list to avoid the effects.


The best way to be ready to get hired is the same way FTI has recommended in the past; find a way to put yourself a step above the others applying. An ATP is a universal minimum that you need to apply; before January 2020 airlines would hire nearly anyone with an ATP and a pulse. Now it is going to be a little more difficult but not impossible. Past the ATP you will want to look at the airlines hiring and find out what they are hiring into and get that type rating.

If you would like to fly for Frontier or Spirit the A320 is the choice, but as stated above Delta is going to need a lot of new B737 pilots. Both aircraft are good choices as they are the most flown air frames in the world. The biggest advantage of getting a type rating will prove to your potential new employers that you are able to pass a check ride and they will not be forced to spend more on extra training to put you on their flight deck.

The next thing you will want to do is to clean up and polish the resume. FTI has multiple Aviation Resume and interview prep aid options that can either be recommended or completed.

Contact FTI today to make sure you are ready when the uncertain and unprecedented times are finally over!

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