Non-US Citizens are required to receive TSA approval for training prior to commencing training.  This process can take a few weeks, so be sure to start sooner rather than later. The link below will take you to the TSA website.
Link  TSA Candidate Portal

TSA divides pilots into 4 categories depending on the type of training planned.

Category 1:  For pilots who do not have a heavy type rating (over 12,500 lbs.) on their airman certificate (FAA or foreign) and do not qualify for Category 2 below.  If this will be your first type rating, then you are a Category 1 applicant.

Category 2: For pilots who have a heavy type rating (over 12,500 lbs.) on their FAA airman certificate (FAA or Non-US), but are training in an aircraft for which they are not currently qualified. If you are adding a new type rating to a certificate, and you are not Category 1 (above) then you are a Category 2 applicant.  Pilots will choose from the following sub categories;

  • Pilot employed by a foreign air carrier with a security program approved under US CFR.
  • Pilot is a flight crew member with a criminal history check under CFR. Select this category if you submitted fingerprints to the AFSP.

Category 3: For pilots training in any aircraft with a MTOW of 12,500 lbs. or less. This does not apply to any FTI training programs.  You are not a Category 3 applicant.

Category 4:  For pilots who are training in aircraft in which they are already qualified.  If you are attending Recurrent or Requalification Training, then you are a Category 4 applicant.  No fingerprints are required. Recurrent TSA Approval Process.

Current link to begin TSA application:

Link to list of available sites for fingerprinting:

For more information about TSA Training Categories and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

Don’t delay in requesting TSA approval for training.  There may be a wait period of up to 30 days after the AFSP emails a Fingerprint Receipt to you.

Your sales rep will be happy to help you navigate the TSA process if you have problems, but please start the process early.

Once you navigate to the TSA website:

  • Request approval for a Category 1, 2, or 4 training event as appropriate.
  • Enter ‘TBD’ for the Course ID
  • Select Flight Training International in Denver, CO as the Training Center Location. This is our corporate office. Do not select the actual training location if it is other than Denver.

FAA Foreign License Verification

If you are applying for a certificate on the basis of a foreign license under the provisions of:

  • 14 CFR Part 61 61.75
  • Special purpose pilot authorizations under 61.77
  • Using a pilot certificate issued under 61.75 to apply for a commercial pilot certificate under §61.123 (h)
  • Applying for a certificate issued on the basis of a foreign license under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 63, 63.23 and §63.42

The Airmen Certification Branch must have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) verify the validity and currency of the foreign license and medical certificate or endorsement before you apply for an FAA certificate or authorization. The processing of the Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification form takes approximately 45 to 90 days to complete.

NOTE: Do not schedule any travel and/or checkrides, etc. until a valid Verification Letter has been obtained from Airmen Certification Branch.

It is important that you list the North Texas Flight Standards District Office (information below) on #14 of the application (which FAA FSDO will you be working with) so that your information is forwarded to FTI’s supervising FSDO.  Regardless of your actual training location, verification needs to be sent to the North Texas FSDO at the address below.

Southwest Region FSDO 19 (North Texas FSDO/SW-05):
8700 Freeport Parkway, Suite 225
Irving, TX. 75063

Link to the FAA’s instructions for license verification is below:

Link for Foreign License Verification:

Link to FAA Verification of Authenticity Form