About Flight Training International

Founded in 1993, Flight Training International (FTI) is an FAA approved training center authorized under Title 14, Part 142 to provide initial, recurrent, requalification and specialty flight training. From the A320 to the B787 we offer affordable flight training by airline pilots for airline pilots.

FTI can satisfy your training requirements whether its recurrent and requalification training to individual type ratings.  FTI also offers specialty courses such as ATP-CTP training and RVSM training.  We also provide complete training solutions for aircraft operators including courseware development, LMS access, and electronic grading and documentation of training records.

Our accelerated footprints are designed to maximize the quality of your training while minimizing the time spent on campus. We also offer full length courses for pilots who desire a more traditional classroom experience.

Flight Training International

At FTI we believe that that 21st century pilots want to be trained by current pilots who understand the realities of operating modern jet aircraft in today’s complex and ever changing ATC environment.

Our instructors not only have years of experience flying at major US carriers, but they also have significant experience teaching. They understand that not every pilot learns the same way or at the same pace and they have the experience to tailor the instruction to your needs. At FTI you’ll never have to worry about receiving instruction from a low time pilot who’s never really flown the line.

Like our instructors, our curriculum development team has significant experience in airline operations and training program development. In addition to our individual type rating courses, we’ve built curricula for 121 operators both large and small, flight test groups, foreign carriers, the FAA and the DOD. We can quickly customize a course of instruction to meet almost any need. At FTI you’ll also find top of the line flight simulators.  You’ll train in the same high quality level C and level D full flight simulators used by manufacturers and major airlines around the world.

Key Management

Flight Training InternationaLl has a top-notch team of instructors with a variety of flying backgrounds. As any professional should expect, our staff will teach SOP and regulatory compliance while offering a variety of techniques. The diversity of experience found on our staff ensures that they can intelligently share the pros and cons of techniques used by major carriers around the world. Although they have each taken different paths in their journeys to this dynamic industry, one thing they all have in common is real world experience and a passion for teaching. Many of them also have taught in aviation training facilities around the world, and several of our instructors are bilingual.
What separates FTI from other schools is that our staff understands that just because learning a new aircraft is challenging, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. AT FTI, our goal is to ensure that you receive a positive and rewarding training experience every time you train with us.

Chuck H.


• Currently Flies B777

• Head Instructor and Check Airman

• Experienced Airline Pilot

• Extensive Flying and Training in Boeing Aircraft

• Type Rated in B737, B777 and B787

• Former Navy Pilot

Roy P.

Chief Pilot & TCE

• Chief Pilot and Check Airman

• Experienced Airline Pilot

• Extensive Flying and Training in Boeing and Airbus Aircraft

• Type Rated in B737, B757/767, B747, and A320

• Former USMC Fighter Pilot

Ben G.

Denver Office Manager

• University of Oklahoma Graduate

• VP of Sales and Scheduling

Dan W.


• Lead Instructor and Check Airman on B737

• Experienced Airline Pilot

• Extensive Flying and Training in Boeing Aircraft

• Type Rated in E145 and B737

• Retired US Army

Who We Train

U.S. Air Force C-40B

In September 2015,  FTI was selected to be the exclusive training provider of C-40B flight training for the United States Air Force 89th Airlift Wing. FTI will perform initial, refresher, recurring pilot training for USAF C-40B (B-737-700/800) flight crews. The 89th Airlift Wing is based out of Andrews AFB and provides global Special Air Mission airlift, logistics, aerial port and communications for the president, vice president, cabinet members, combatant commanders and other senior military and elected leaders as tasked by the White House, Air Force chief of staff and Air Mobility Command. Visit their page at: http://www.andrews.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=4748

1st Airlift Squadron - Presidential Airlift Group

FTI has been the exclusive training provider of 757 pilot training to the 89th Airlift Wing since 2008. The wing operates the C-32A (B757-200) and provides global Special Air Mission (SAM) airlift, logistics, aerial port and communications for the United States’ senior civilian and military leaders as tasked by the White House, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and Air Mobility Command. The Boeing C-32 is a military passenger transportation version of the Boeing 757 for the United States Air Force. The C-32′s Primary customers are the Vice President of the United States, using the distinctive call sign “Air Force Two”, the First Lady, and occasionally members of the U.S. Cabinet and U.S. Congress.

New Jersey Air National Guard

In 2011 FTI was selected to provide training to the pilots of the New Jersey Air National Guard. These pilots operate the C-32B (757-200) in support of US policy.

Department of Defense

FTI provides training to Department Of Defense (DOD) crews on an as needed basis in a variety of aircraft. For a variety of reasons, the DOD needs short notice high quality training on the civil variants of its military aircraft.  When these needs arise, the DOD frequently turns to FTI because of our proven ability to meet their need for high quality training, on short notice, at a reasonable price.


FTI provides pilot and flight engineer training for NASA pilots operating NASA’s 747 SOFIA Aircraft (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy). SOFIA is a highly modified Boeing 747SP (Special Performance) carrying a 2.5-meter (100-inch) effective-diameter, infrared telescope capable of making observations that are impossible for even the largest and highest ground-based telescopes. SOFIA makes observations at altitudes between 39,000- to 45,000-feet (12- and 14-kilometers), and captures images in the infrared spectrum between 0.3 and 1600 microns.


FTI provides training to FAA inspectors on the A320 and A330 as well as the B777 and B747. FAA inspectors involved in flight test and certification receive their initial and recurrent training at FTI’s facilities.  These inspectors then go on to work on certification projects such as the B777X and the Global Super Tanker.

U.S. Navy Fleet Support Logistics

In 2012 FTI was selected to be the exclusive training provider of C-40A flight training for the US Navy. FTI provides initial and recurrent training to the pilots and crew chiefs of the US Navy’s Fleet Logistics Support Wing based in Fort Worth, Texas. These flight crews operate the C-40A Clipper aircraft in support of world-wide maritime operations by providing the responsive, flexible, and rapid deployable air logistics support required to sustain combat operations at sea. During peacetime, squadrons provide air logistics support for all Navy commands as well as provide continuous quality training for mobilization readiness. The Navy’s new C-40A “Clipper” transport is a version of Boeing’s next-generation 737-700, the 737-700C, modified with a large cargo door and the strengthened wings and landing gear of the 737-800. For more information about the C-40, visit the Fleet Support Logistics Wing’s web page at: http://www.public.navy.mil/navres/cflsw/Pages/default.aspx

Part 25, 121 & 135 Operators

FTI has experience providing initial and recurrent training to several Part 25, 121 and 135 operators flying the EMB-145, 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.

US Government – Misc.

FTI provides contract training for 737 and 757/767 aircraft for a variety of entities operating on behalf of the US Government.  FTI delivers initial and recurrent training to these crews both under part 91 and under part 125.

Flight Test Groups

We hold contracts to train the test pilots from some of the largest operators in the world, who for a variety of reasons, are unable to conduct flight test pilot training organically.


In 2016, faced with a serious need for additional pilots, ABX Air turned to FTI for help.  FTI was able to quickly qualify B757/767 instructors on ABX’s certificate and help them through a short term need for Training.

Dubai Air Wing

FTI has provided 747-400 training to Dubai Air Wing for the past several years.


FTI Is Looking for Instructor Pilots With the Right Stuff!


If you are a pilot with experience flying Boeing, Airbus, or Embraer aircraft, FTI may have an instructor position for you.  FTI is always accepting applications for qualified ground and simulator instructors on its Boeing, Airbus and Embraer fleets.  Simulator instructor applicants must possess a type rating and should have at least one year of recent operational experience in type.  Ground instructor applicants must have a demonstrated history of instruction in type.

If you are interested in a career as an instructor with FTI, please give us a call at: +1-303-329-0999.