Benefits of Training with a Partner!

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What Is A Common Delay In Getting A Type Rating?

It’s pairing you with another pilot who wants to take the same course at the same time. If FTI doesn’t have another pilot wanting the same type rating training that you are looking for, then you are put in a holding pattern until a training partner for you comes along. That can cause major delays in starting your training. If you don’t want to wait, you can always opt for the solo course. This option gives you fantastic scheduling flexibility, but, as you can probably guess, comes at a higher cost.

While we usually can pair you with another pilot, there’s a good chance that the person most likely to know another pilot with the same training goals, needs, and timeframe is you! From co-workers to squadron-mates to classmates, you know a lot of people who are at a similar crossroad in their flying career. There is a good chance you already know someone who wants the same training you desire. Bring a partner and book your training today. Start building that all-important seniority at your next carrier. Airlines need pilots NOW – don’t lose out because you didn’t ask around!

If you can make this happen, signing up for training as a paired crew has several benefits. First, there is a lot more flexibility when scheduling paired crews. Next, wouldn’t it be great to train with someone whose personality and skill level you know? And finally, FTI will discount the price of your training, saving you even more money!

Coming to us as a pair will enable you to enjoy the best possible experience with FTI’s unparalleled type rating training! So do your legwork here; you won’t regret it! We look forward to working with you both!

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  • Jason

    Please send me the price for the 777-200 Type Rating with ATPL together.

    Solo course and pairing separately.

    Thanks from overseas.

    • Flight Training International

      Dear Jason, thank you for reaching out to us. Tami will be reaching out to you and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding flight training with us. Sincerely FTI

    • Kokoette Abel

      How can I get the price for the training and how can the school be of help to me to acquired the entry oversea,

  • Bashir Jobe

    Please send me the package price for initial type rating on B737 classic

    • Samrath Manjunath

      What’s th cost of an a320 type rating and what all does it include ?

  • Anna F.

    Hi I would like to know cost of AB 320 n Boeing 737 type rating. Thanks.

    • Nicolas Rivas

      Hello!! I’m interested in the initial 737 training course, but I’m from Argentina, could you send me details about prices and the requirements for foreigner students? Thanks!

  • Daniel Lee

    Hello, I’m interested in 737 NG type rating. but I live in South korea now .
    So I want to know that you can send the I-20 for foreigner student.
    Can you send me the price and the training period?

  • JR Thomas

    Hi. Please send pricing for solo A320 type. I am a corporate pilot with 14000 hours. Looking to upgrade into different category. Thank you. Do you have job placement as well?

  • Isameldin

    Please send me the package price for initial type rating on B737 classic

  • Jeni

    I have s training partner and we would like information on VA financing options and price for both to train for 767 type rating. Can we do an ATP/Type ride?

    • Pavel

      Hello. I am interest initial type rating for A320, B737. Could you send me the price on email?
      Best regards


    Hi, please send me the overall course fees of A320 and B737 type rating to my Email –
    [email protected]

    • Flight Training International

      Hello Linson,
      We will be in touch with your request. You can reach us by phone at : (303) 329-0999
      Best regards, Flight Training International

  • Lohrasp Suraliwala

    I already have FAA CPL Multi. I am currently flying Airbus A320 at Air India as First Officer. I am interested in getting my FAA ATPL. I have a partner for simulator.
    Kindly let me know the cost and time.
    Warm Regards,
    Lohrasp Suraliwala

  • Krishnamurti Rakeshbhai Upadhyay

    Hi, please send me the overall course fees of A320 and B737 type rating to my Email .

  • Ben


    is it possible to have more information about those programs (A320 and B737) and also an estimate

    Thank you


    Type rating cost for B777 solo , waiting for your reply..

  • Bala

    Dear Team,
    I have my ATP CTP. I am an Indian ATPL holder with prior A320 experience.Please send me an quote and duration for A320 type rating. Thank you.

  • mohieddine zein

    hi Im looking to do my initial type rating in 737 NG . I’m holind FAA ATPL license , preferably next month in December.need availability and price
    thank you

  • Rafael ChavarrIa


    How much will the cost be for the ATP-CTP plus A320 type rating if I bring someone to train with (or if I wait for you to assign a partner).

    I have a Costa Rica commercial license and no experience on A320 or any jet. Just 9000 hours of Cessna Caravan.

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