Corporate and Air Operators

  • Flight Training International is a turnkey solution for all your training requirements.
  • FTI’s Training Management system includes scheduling, record keeping, and e-grading allowing real-time access to schedules, pilot progress and training records eliminating the endless paper chase.
  • FTI has Airbus and Boeing training programs and will customize courses to meet your training requirements simplifying administration and lowering overhead.​

Available Fleets:

  • Airbus: A320 and A330
  • Boeing: B737-300/400/500, B737-700/800/900, B747-400, B757/767, B777 and B787

Additional Training Available:

  • Airbus CCQ: A320 to A330 and A330 to A320
  • Differences Training: 737CL to NG PFD, 777 to 787
  • Reduced footprints for pilots with previous experience in type: for pilots with more than 500 hrs in type
  • Emergency equipment, doors, rafts, etc.

What Can We Do For You:

  • FTI can deliver all training under your air-operator certificate or on our own 142 certificate
  • Provide access to a state of the art Training Management System (TMS) that tracks training completion and due dates.  No more waiting for illegible or incomplete paper records.  With FTI’s TMS all records are well organized, legible, and complete, first time, every time.  They’re also available as soon as training is complete.
  • Have a unique need?  We can optimize our TMS platform to keep track of all records and documents for your pilots*
  • Train in a paperless environment using iPad EFBs. ​
  • Deliver and track completion of General Subjects Training ​ like MNPS, RVSM, Security, Atlantic and Pacific Ops available to name a few.
  • Provide ATP-CTP courses for new hires! Make the most of your training budget by completing ATP-CTP training in the same aircraft your new hires will be flying.
We train in world-class training facilities such as United Airlines, Boeing, Airbus, American Airlines and CAE.

*Any Customization to our MINT platform to meet the requirements of our customers will be quoted in a case by case basis.

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