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Boeing 777 Initial Accelerated Type Rating

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FTI’s Type Rating Courses Can Be Completed In As Few As 8 Days!

We save pilots time and money with some of the shortest training footprints in the industry

At FTI we know your time is valuable and limited – that’s why our type rating courses are structured to be completed in as few days as possible.

When comparing courses, don’t just consider price, consider the value of your time! At FTI, qualified pilots can complete type rating courses in as little as 8 days on campus for our accelerated course and 12 days for our full length courses.

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ATP-CTP Course

(Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program)

This course satisfies the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program prerequisite for graduates to take the Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test.

There are still February dates available for ATP CTP, but are going fast. Call us at 1-800-233-0050 now to book your spot!

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ATP Course

 (Airline Transport Pilot Rating)

Our Course is taught at world class training centers with state-of-the-art, full-motion simulators. Designed for military pilots and civilian pilots who have completed all course prerequisites.

Major carriers around the world don’t fly light twins!  Why earn your ATP in one?  At FTI you can earn your ATP Rating in the Types flown by major air carriers around the globe.  Why earn your ATP in a light twin when you can train and check in the same high quality devices used by the same major air carriers that you are targeting for employment.  What better way to get a peek behind the scenes at some of the world’s largest carriers.

Steps to Becoming a First Officer for the Airlines

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Type Rating and ATP Package

Get Your ATP with a Type Rating at the Same Time!

Save money and enhance your resume by getting a Boeing or Airbus Type Rating while earning your ATP Rating

Qualified Pilots completing a Type Rating course at FTI will be issued an ATP Rating along with a Type Rating.  Unlike other schools, FTI doesn’t charge hundreds of dollars just to check one more square on your application for a new certificate.  When qualified pilots add a type rating to their certificate, we’ll include the ATP Rating at no  charge!

ATP-CTP and ATP Package

Combine ATP-CTP with an ATP Rating and get a discount!

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ATP-CTP / Type Rating / ATP Package

Combine your ATP-CTP with a Type Rating, and get a discount.

AND earn your ATP Rating in the process at no additional cost! Call 1-800-233-0050 for details.


737NG Initial Accelerated Type Rating

MIAMI – $9,410/ per pilot – March 24 (2 pilots)

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We are an FAA-approved, Part 142, Flight Training School that provides a comprehensive selection of advanced flight training courses for commercial pilots who wish to achieve a specific Boeing or Airbus aircraft type rating, need to gain currency, or require a pilot specialty course.

Flight Training International is dedicated to advancing the careers of professional pilots of commercial airline and cargo carriers. It is our promise to give you complete and comprehensive training and support to ensure first-class satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and above all, personalized individual teaching that fits your learning style.

In today’s economy, many pilots are looking for an affordable way to advance their aviation careers, or for airlines to manage their training budgets. Flight Training International provides an unparalleled combination of quality instruction, convenient locations and scheduling flexibility that pilots require to fit flight training into their busy schedule.

We are the leading flight school for type ratings in the Airbus A320, A330 and the Boeing 737 and 747.


Type Rating

Type ratings are easy to obtain from FTI. Our courses are taught by airline pilots with major carrier experience who provide all the knowledge required to quickly earn a type rating.


For pilots who seek recurrency, or requalification on a specific aircraft, we offer a number of courses featuring ground school and simulator training to achieve recurrent proficiency.

Pilot Specialty Courses

Flight Training International offers a number of Pilot Specialty Courses to meet the requirements of your flight department or individual pilot qualifications.

What Our Students Say About Flight Training International

Saurabh & Craig

Commercial Pilot TrainingCraig and I got our hats, epaulets and first salary today. We genuinely enjoyed our time with FTI’s great staff, and will be coming again once our company gets A330s. Throughout our flight training with different companies, completing our type rating training at FTI has been the most memorable, thanks to all your great people.

Captain Vic Manningham
Manager, Flight Crew Training, ABX Air, Inc.

Dear FTI Team, I want to thank you all for your dedication and hard work assisting us during our training need. I have found your group to be incredibly professional, capable and willing. It was not an easy task to take over our training in such short order and everyone at FTI did so with great competency. You guys are a great team of professionals and I hope we get to work together again.

Jeffrey B.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me prepare for my simulator assessment for my airline interview recently. You probably remember me by my strong southern accent and I was pretty hard on myself after my first session. I completed another session the next day and felt much better about my performance. Last week I was offered a future position with the airline and I am very excited to get started. Again, thank you for your help, encouragement, and professionalism. I really appreciate that.

Jeremy S.

I would like to share my experience as an FTI client in Denver. I had an airline interview scheduled in October. I called FTI and was promptly and courteously scheduled to do a simulator prep session for the day prior to my interview. Kelly was able to schedule it even though I requested the prep on a Sunday. I met with Shaun, a current airline pilot and we briefed the sim handling and power settings. He also briefed me on certain items my interviewer would most likely be looking for. Once in the sim, I felt comfortable and at ease, primarily due to Shaun’s excellent pre-brief. We were able to accomplish a typical profile numerous times, which made me comfortable in the sim. With Shaun’s expertise and excellent teaching ability, I did well enough the following day to be offered a position with the airline.

Jeff L.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help arranging a simulator session with Shaun for me. The help Shaun gave me was extremely beneficial in preparing for my FAA evaluation. The evaluation was successful, and my evaluator seemed genuinely pleased that I had invested the time and money to prepare in this manner. Thank you once again for your help, and especially for your very courteous attitude. Should we have any dealings in the future, I will be wearing my FAA hat, thanks in large part to your very kind efforts.


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